Where to start?

We recommend you start by profiling your display and your printer, all at once. This way you can trust your display, and printer to print your images and palettes correctly.

In ColorMunki Photo, select the “Profile My Display and Profile My Printer” option from the Main Menu to profile your display and printer in one continuous process. This option will lead you step-by-step through the processes of both display and printer profiling. More About Display Profiling for more information. More About Printer Profiling for tips on building the best printer profiles.


You will get very good results with ColorMunki without reading a bunch of color management gobbledygoo. But we’ve put together some condensed information and helpful tips in this help system that will allow you to get even better results with ColorMunki. In particular, check out Basics of Managing Color, and Printing with ColorMunki.

Print some images from Adobe® Photoshop®.

Profile My Printer ends with an option to activate AppSet. When activated, ColorMunki Photo will configure application print settings for you. All you need to do is ensure print driver settings are exactly the same as when you printed the profile target in Profile My Printer. More about printing, and AppSet.

Build palettes in Photo ColorPicker

You can build palettes made from colors found in your images, from measurements using the ColorMunki device, and from included color libraries. It will help you synchronize palettes with your applications, and share them with others. More about Photo ColorPicker.

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