How ColorMunki Photo Can Help

ColorMunki is specifically designed to tame the color problem. Key features of ColorMunki Photo:

Quickly and easily create LCD, laptop and projector profiles. Create high quality RGB & CMYK printer profiles with only 100 color samples to measure. This will tame your display and print devices.

Friendly reminder to periodically re-profile your display, at an interval you choose, to help maintain consistency.

AppSet automatically configures Adobe® Photoshop®, InDesign®, and QuarkXPress® print settings to use the profiles created by ColorMunki, so you can print consistently and correctly.

Photo ColorPicker empowers you to create and share your own palettes, and synchronize them with commonly used applications. Select colors from included color libraries, colors measured with the ColorMunki, and colors extracted from your images. Preview palette colors using PrintSafe. Synchronize palettes across Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator® & InDesign®, and QuarkXPress®. Share your palettes with others using a variety of formats.

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DigitalPouch helps you create a document for sharing images while communicating color expectations. All images and their source profiles are packaged into a self-contained transport file format that includes a cross-platform, color-managed, viewing application. More about DigitalPouch.

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